Shih Tzu Breeder of Show Dog Quality Puppies in Black Forest Colorado

Trusted breeder for over 20 years, finding the forever home for the Shih-Tzu just right for your family

We Ensure The Quality Of Our Shih Tzu Breed

Stress Free Transition
Our dogs are family raised and taught to be wonderful companions for families with children especially. We have the breadth of knowledge to help the puppy’s transition be as stress free as possible and work with customers to feel confident bringing home their new family member.

A New Puppy At The Right Time
We don’t give puppies away too early when they’re still too attached to mom; we’ll hold onto them until they’re ready at 10 weeks, so they’ve started crate and potty training yet still remain impressionable, ready to bond with you – this ensures they’re easier puppies when you bring them home to your family for the first time.

Proper Medical Care For Your New Family Member
We give our puppies the best medical care by deworming and vaccinating them before the puppies are even listed as available – we assure new owners with a 1 year guarantee of the puppy’s health.

Carrying On The Standard Of The Breed
We only breed to carry on the standard of the Shih Tzu breed and select responsible pet owners to also continue the dog’s legacy – we choose pet owners that understand the privilege and commitment of being a dog owner, especially of show dog quality puppies.

Is a Shih Tzu Right For Me?
Find out more about the breed to see if it’s a perfect fit

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