About Laliques

We Make Sure You’ll Have The Perfect Dog To Start Showing With Confidence When You’re Ready

Hello, I am Leanne Howell, owner of Lalique Shihtzu and trusted breeder carrying on the lineage of the Shih Tzu breed standard for over 20 years. I started back in the 90’s placing puppies in the right forever homes for household families, now I’m focused on showing and improving the pedigree of my Shih Tzu for training and show purposes.

So, Where Does Your Name Come From?
“Lalique” represents the glamour of our shih tzu breed; the word originally comes from a french glassmaker & creator of a one of a kind style of art – a fitting match for a glamorous breed with an incomparable style and colorful mane, named little “lion dog.”

We make the process of choosing, bonding with, and showing your brand new Shih Tzu simple for you and your puppy. And, we offer support to clients – great for beginners or seasoned owners

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