Feel Confident Whether You’re A Beginner Or Seasoned Dog Parent!

When Do You Let The Puppies Leave?
We let you take your brand new puppy at 10 weeks; that way, it’s not too attached to mom and has started crate & potty training to make the transition as stress free as possible. See Available Puppies


Are The Puppies Vaccinated & Dewormed?
Yes! All puppies receive the proper medical care even before they are listed as available, so you can feel confident in both the quality & health of your puppy. See Available Puppies


Are There Any Guarantee?
We offer a one year guarantee to ensure the health of your new puppy, Call Leanne for additional details 719-495-6865


Do You Have Any Puppies Available?
Stop by our Available Puppies page to see the details of current litters, and bond with your favorite!


Are The Puppies’ Parents Registered?
Yes, the parents are registered and also on site with the puppies, an important feature for responsible breeders! Call Leanne for more information 719-495-6865 or Register Your Puppy if you need!


How Do You Ensure The Quality Of The Breed?
We have dedicated years of experience applying best practices according to breed standard and have only bred to carry on the lineage of the breed. We do business from our core values and only sell to responsible pet owners to carry out our mission. Want to know more About us?


How Do I Know The Shih Tzu Is Right For Me?
Only you can tell the right match for you and your family, but if you’ve spent the time researching and landed here, there’s a great chance shih tzus are the right fit for you; It doesn’t hurt to get more information, find out more About The Breed HERE


Do You Only Sell Show Dogs?
We find forever homes for our shih-tzu puppies whether that’s for pet owners interested in showing the dogs or those that want to add a new member to their family, although we do dedicate our focus on show quality Shih Tzus. See Available Puppies


What Tips Do You Have For Those Interested In Showing The Dogs?

  • You can’t show your dog until at least 6 months old
  • You’ll need to start by Registering Your Puppy here
  • Being a responsible pet owner is at the core of showing your dog
  • Being dutifully committed to the standard of the breed is what dog showing is about
  • Including your kids! It can be a great family activity and also benefit the local economy too