After 6 weeks. Then a bath is needed only when the puppy is dirty.

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A puppy should get its last food and drink of the day two to three hours before bed time. Also remember to let them outside for potty before bed too. Also play with them to tire them out!

A puppy’s meal schedule should be three times a day, at the exact time everyday. Morning, noon, and 5pm for dinner.

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Always make sure your puppy has fun chew toys at their disposel in order to keep them from ripping up your stuff. Puppy loves biting and playing and deserve their own toys!

There are a number of ways to do this. You can drape a thin blanket over the crate to help the puppy feel more relaxed and secure. You can put a stuffed animal inside the crate with them. Or you can give your puppy a treat when they enter the crate for the first time to establish a positive experience.

Yes, puppies under 12 weeks need to be let out every 4-6 hours to relieve themselves. After 16 weeks, they should be able to be completely able to go through the night.

No, but you can leave crate next to bed so your puppy knows you are there.

No. Do not punish your puppy for this. If your puppy has an accident inside, take them outside to finish. And never let them see you clean it up.

It is not recommended, given that the puppy will use the bathroom when you take them out of the crate. They need to understand that outside is the only place to relieve themselves.

Yes. To prevent dehydration make sure to always leave drinking water out for the puppy.

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Yes. If you go to them everytime they whine, it makes whining acceptable behavior for your puppy. But always make sure it’s not a medical emergency.

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Yes, take your puppy to the place where they relieve themselves.

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You should change it daily, but not anymore than that so the puppy is familiar with where it goes to the bathroom.

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You can help your puppy socialize by taking walks, going to a dog park, and eventually, introducing them to other non-aggressive dogs. Don’t socialize your puppy until it is somewhat older and well trained.

Teach leash walking around 10-12 weeks. Use the house to get them familiar with their collar and leash. They have to be used to wearing the collar first, and don’t forget the reward system with treats!

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When playing with your dog, and they accidentally bite you, immediately let out a high pitch yelp as if you’re hurt. This startles the puppy and gets them to stop mouthing you.

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You can gently hold your puppy to keep him from jumping on guests, or back away so your puppy can’t make contact with you if you’re the one their trying jumping on.

One way to prevent constant barking is to let them understand that silence is rewarded with a treat. Every time they stop, give them a treat. As your puppy begins to understand, legthen the time in between the quiet and the treat. This process may take some time, but is very effective.

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