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When You’re Ready To Show Your Shih Tzu, There’s Something You’ll Need First…

In order to show your puppy when the time is right, it’ll need to be registered with the AKC. The AKC, also known as the American kennel club has been trusted for 135 years and remains the main registry and resource center for dog pedigrees in the United States. However, registering your puppy can have multiple benefits for you and your family.

What Are The Benefits Of Registering Your Puppy With The AKC?

  1. Registering your puppy is lifetime, so you never have to go through the process again
  2. Having a puppy is like bringing home a new baby – it can make you feel like you’re making things up as you go along and can be nerve wracking, especially if something goes wrong; You receive essential resources for every stage of your dog’s life when you register, so you can constantly refer back to it for guidance whenever you need
  3. It can also connect you with pet insurance coverage, so your furry family member is covered in case of emergencies
  4. It shows an integrity of your dog log (or line) as something you can count on to promote good dog health and responsible pet ownership

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