About The Breed

Puppies are the family members you choose, so it’s best to pick the right one just for you and your unique situation.

Each of our litters have championship lineage personalities and qualities, assured by our appraisals. And, along with our concern for the breed standard is our need to place puppies in the right home.

Perfect Family Dog
Their playful, friendly temperament makes Shih-tzus great for families in houses or apartments, as long as puppies are walked occasionally. And, with the right incentive, our puppies are not hard to train because of their high intelligence & need to please their owners. They’ll make alert watch dogs because they are attentive and often bold characteristics, but they won’t be doing any fighting coming in at 9-16 pounds and growing no more than 11 inches high, part of the “toy” breed category.

Celebrities Of The Canine World
Shih Tzus have been popular among celebrities, but their height of fame began in 17th century Tibet as a favorite of Chinese royalty.

Shih Tzus need to be groomed at least every two to three months along with brushing a couple times a week to keep their coat untangled and show quality. And one of the best things about their unique mane is its hypoallergenic quality, so those with allergies can enjoy this easily adaptable breed.